Collage: My Body, My Laboratory

This collage was later developed into an Ox-Plow booklet. Currently I have no image of the final booklet as I haven’t gotten it back after grading. The Booklet was made of a two sided collage, which was based on some stereotypes surrounding men and women, and how they may meet.

Using cut-up techniques and random word placement, the collage developed into the following. Excuse the quality, as I haven’t gotten a scan of the final works.

My Body My Laboratory

Paper Folding: The Fold Between the Pattern

So at uni we had to fold some paper and then take photos of the final outcome. I felt like I was taken back to primary school when we were all making paper cranes etc. I didn’t really enjoy that, because it was nothing new to me. For the final outcome, I needed to create something that would be a challenge to me - something that would be original and not just a re-hash of what I’ve done before. I was mainly intrigued by geometric folds, which ended up being the focus of the project. I had also been working with pattern designs for another class which got me to my final idea:

Imagine concept cars doing laps on the Nürburgring; these cars are wrapped in psychedelic patterns to prevent eager onlookers from identifying their unperfected or secret forms before they are proudly unveiled. Similar to those cars, these folds have been hidden amongst their own patterns, with only their shadows and distorted prints helping you identify their form. From simple to detailed, these folds represent the creation of shapes amongst shadows. Hiding the overall detail and form establishes a level of disconnect from the effort involved in their creation, and questions your need to fully understand their true form and the logic behind their creation; unlike the concept cars, these forms will not be unveiled.

It was definitely a lot more fun than I expected!


Sample 2 of the WSKY project exploration.


Playing around with some pattern techniques for WSKY (Whiskey), a line that will possibly be introduced into a future run of FRNT brand products.

Adrian Frutiger Spread

Final spread layout preview.